Monday, April 26, 2010

Girl crush

I'm still new to this blogging thing so I just recently came across Gala Gonzalez' blog. I am completely smitten by her style. This 24-year-old London-based Spaniard has been featured in everything from Vogue, Glamour, Elle and Marie Claire.

[Lee jeans, Zara shoes, Top shop jacket, vintage hat, Malababa bag]

[Alexander McQueen MQ jacket + scarf, Zara jeans, Zadig&Voltaire shoes]

[vintage Levi jacket + shorts, Acne sweater]

[Balenciaga jumper dress, Music Collection jacket, Mulberry bag, Givenchy shoes]

[Goldie necklace + dress, vintage cardigan]

[Reiss 1971 dress, YSL shoes]

[pendant from Leviticus]

Dios mio chica ♥

Source: amlul

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  1. Loveee the denim jacket.


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